TAGO appreciates your interest in signing up to perform and be part of the celebrations. Please use this page to register for the event as individual contributor or performer.

*** TAGO encourages each performer to have membership of TAGO. Please sign up using the link

*** This page is for registering by the team member performing in an act. Please call your team lead/manager or lead performer to get the Performance Name as this is required to associate your entry to the registered performance.

Please enter details to register you performance.
Enter name of the performance in 15 letters. Please share this name with participants of the group. This is required field for participant registration. Membership to TAGO is required for participant to perform.
If solo - then select 1.
Lead Performer or group managers First Name. Main contact details.
Lead Performer or group managers Last Name. Main contact details.
Enter details clearly like Song Name, Singer Name, Dance Type, Number of Performers, as many details as possible. In case of conflicts, first come first serve basis.
Please select appropriate event name to avoid delays and confusion.