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2020 AGB Meeting Minutes from December, 20th 2020

TAGO 2020- EC extends a hearty thank you to one and all who took time and provided your valuable inputs and suggestions during the Annual General Body (AGB) Meeting on December, 20th 2020. We look forward to all your continued support and participation in upcoming TAGO activities as such.
As communicated earlier, due to Covid-19 restrictions in place, we have organized an online Zoom call session for the AGB meeting.

Below are meeting minutes which held on December, 20th 2020 AGB:

10:00 AM EST:
All TAGO members started to meet and socialize on the Zoom call. A total of 46 members were online (quorum required as per bylaws is 30) when we started proceedings on the call. A detailed list of attendees can be provided upon request to

10:13 AM EST:
President – Krishna Munugeti opened the AGB meeting
Thanked all the members for participating over the weekend.
He gave an overview of the agenda for the meeting
Explained what events TAGO could able to do with the pandemic limitations in 2020.
Thanked Yearly Sponsors
General Secretary – Suresh Cherivirala presented 2020 TAGO EC members and explained TAGO accomplishments.
He discussed the grand success of the Sankranti event which was attended by more than 500 members. 
Yoga challenge started off for 21 days and is being continued even till date every morning from 7:20 am -8:20 am.
Saradaga Oka Sayantram
Ayurveda for everyday Session with Ayurveda Practioner.
Promoting charity activities
Closed public storage to cut expenses.
Treasurer – Giridhar Gaddamanugu presented the Year 2020 financials, He discussed
Expenses for 2020
Income for 2020
Balance sheet by end of 2020
Discussed current balances in PayPal, Regions Bank
Also discussed and encouraged all TAGO members to register for Amazon Smiles.
Discussed vacating Public storage and savings.
Election Updates:
As communicated earlier, the election committee for this year included below 3 members from the TAGO community.:
Sri. Ramprasad Nitta garu
Sri. Sai Prabhakar Yerrapragada garu
Sri. Prasad Sunkara garu
Sai Prabhakar Garu went over details on nominations received and other analysis that the election committee went over with below dates as reference  
Nominations closed on – Dec 5th
Nominations withdrawal date – Dec 12th
Sai Prabhakar Garu provided details number of nominations received and their respective positions their nominations were sent on.
No nominations were received for EC/Secretary roles.
Competing nominations were received for the President-elect position.
After several deliberations with the election committee and cross-checking the TAGO constitution & by-laws (revised in 2016), and talking to TAGO constitution experts, Election Committee forwarded its recommendations to TAGO executive committee on Dec 8th, 2020.
 Krishna Munugeti response:
Krishna mentioned that after receiving election committee recommendations, EC convened an emergency meeting on Dec 13th at 8:00 PM to discuss details and implications. All executive members attending this emergency session with exception of Giridhar Gaddamanugu and Youth members.  All EC members present on the call reviewed by-laws against election committee recommendations and freely opinioned pros and cons with recommendations. Based on these deliberations, TAGO EC Unanimously came to a conclusion after much deliberations/discussion on the below two resolutions.
Propose AGB to Canceling of elections for the year 2020 because of a covid-19 pandemic.
Propose AGB to constitute a by-laws committee and make amendments to the TAGO constitution to clear any ambiguity in the interpretation of TAGO By-laws.
An online Poll was conducted with AGB attendees on the above two proposed resolutions with the below results updates. All results were shared online with AGB attendees once the poll was complete.
Anonymous Polling updates:
Support TAGO EC Decision to Cancel Elections for the year 2020 because of COVID-19 situation and extend current EC Tenure.
Result: 31 Yes and 2 No
Make necessary amendments and clear ambiguity in by-laws interpretation as soon as possible to help conduct elections.
Result: 33 Yes and 0 No
Based on AGB poll results both resolutions proposed by the current EC are Passed with the required majority voice.
Venkata Sreenivas Puli raised concerns that going forward TAGO Executive team should discuss positions and elections before the Election committee is formed. Instead of changing decisions after nominations started coming in.
Krishna Munugeti responded to Sreenivas Puli Garu’ s thoughtful comments and mentioned EC will certainly look into that.

TAGO EXECUTIVE committee for the year 2021:

President – Krishna Munugeti
President-Elect – Prasad Kompalli
General Secretary – Suresh Cherivirala
Treasurer – Giridhar Gaddamanugu
Cultural Secretary – Neeta Reddy Kuchakulla
EC Member North – Madhavi Meduri
EC Member South – Mahender Aenepalli
EC Member East – Eshwar Karumuri
EC Member West – Tirupala Rao Jakka
EC Youth Male – Vishal Ila
EC Youth Female – Pratuyasha Anumula

Additional Suggestions discussed:
Make TAGO community aware of Amazon Smiles
Requested more participation for TAGO Saradhaga Oka Sahityam
A decision needs to be made from EC as to what to do with Storage supplies
IRS website needs to be checked about expenses > 50K or others. This year we are out of that.

11:30 AM
Krishna Munugeti Concluded the meeting with a vote of thanks by thanking the Election committee for their commitment and analysis on nominations and igniting discussion on by-laws. Krishna thanked all TAGO members on the call for taking the time to attend AGB on a weekend and to participate and provide valuable feedback for the upcoming year.