TAGO Annual General Body Meeting/ TAGO వార్షిక జనరల్ బాడీ మీటింగ్

తేదీ / Date: November 24 2018

వేదిక / Venue: HSCF Temple.

వేదిక యొక్క చిరునామా / Address of venue: Lake Drive, Cassellberry (map it)

Meeting Minutes:

1) AGB started with all members present with a signup ,snacks and welcome address by 2018 EC members. 

2) Narotham(President-elect) read through President’s(Aparna) message with year 2018 TAGO’s achievements and activities.
3) Krishna (General secretary) went over financial details for TAGO year 2018 with detailed expenses and other donation details from all TAGO members.
4) Vijay Vonguru – TAGO Election committee – provided details on nominations submitted and declared elections.Details of the new Executive committee for year 2019 are listed below.
5) Ramprasad Nitta administered the oath with all the new EC members for year 2019.
6) As part of Q& A , attending members posed questions to EC on communications, involvement of more community members and also discussed details on cutting down waste expenses .
7) Members recommended making RSVP model changes ,to  cut-down wastage expenses on Food while organizing events and also suggested EC to explore other options for event payment apart from PayPal.
8) Members suggested to setup additional sub-committee’s and update details on website as well recognize these subcommittees as such.
9) Members suggested EC to put in additional thrust on membership drive and convert existing members into Life members as there is a lot of new TELUGU community which has moved into greater Orlando area recently and they all need to be included into TAGO activities as such.
 TAGO Executive committee 2019 :
 1) Narotham Gidipally- President – (Elected)
 2) Krishna Munugeti – President-elect  – (Elected)
 3) Sheshu Acanta – General Secretary – (Elected)
 4) Suresh Cherivirala – Treasurer – (Elected from 2018)
 5) Murali Sudhabathula – Cultural Secretary -(Nominated)
 6) Madhavi Meduri – Executive Member ( Nominated)
 7) Rajesh Bommana – Executive Member ( Nominated)
 8) Kalyan Thatavarthy – Executive Member ( Elected)
 9) Giridhar Gaddamanugu – Executive Member ( Nominated)
 10)Harsha Vemula – Male Youth ( Nominated)
 11) Harshita Panuganti – Female Youth( Nominated).